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Smell good.
Sandalwood | Mimosa | Madagascan Vetivert
Cigar boxes. Camden market bong shops reeking of joss sticks. Old lady soap. Sandalwood sometimes gets a bit of a bad rap. Undaunted, we’ve taken the dependable old fave and turned it on its head.

We’ve tracked down a unique Australian sandalwood versatile enough to handle hints of outlandish but ethically and sustainably sourced banana, cardamom, black pepper with weird and wonderful Labdanum and Benzoin resin. Which all means that this is sandalwood unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

So, unlike the bong shop, it won’t make your hair stink for weeks.

Do good.
Partnering with Dutjahn to source high quality Sandalwood
We are proud to be partnering Dutjahn, the sandalwood producer and winner of the UN Equator prize. They are a groundbreaking company authentically partnered with both industry experts and indigenous ownership to bring high quality Santal Spicatum to the world stage.

Sånd is imbued with the essential oils gathered using the niche speciality of ‘deadwood’ (standing dead wood found and distilled) so no trees are destroyed to make it.

In addition, Dutjahn is helping restore degraded farmland with sandalwood and establishing mixed agroforestry to help improve the biodiversity of climate-stressed Western Australia.

Bloody good on ‘em.

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