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Smell good.
Påtch, our latest fragrance
Think patchouli oil and, chances are, (if you’re old enough) you’ll be transported to prog rock concerts, bikers’ pubs or hippy shops selling joss sticks and questionable smoking paraphernalia.

Hard that it maybe, you’ve got to erase those memories. What we’ve done with patchouli is a million Harley ridden or sandal-shod shuffled miles away from leather jackets and Afghan coats.

We combine our hand-sourced Sumatran Dark Patchouli with magical Oudh to create a heady and spellbinding uplifting fragrance that captures the essence of the forest suffused with a contemporary earthy and sultry sass. Man.

Do good.
Partnering with local patchouli farmers. Sumatra boasts forests that are home to Rhino, Elephant, Tiger, Gibbon and Orangutan. But this unique ecosystem has been under threat for many years with the forest being systematically felled and logged to make way for everything from rubber to dreaded palm oil.

We use Dark Patchouli oil sourced from the Aceh region. It’s a region famed for its Patchouli.

Using modern techniques, the local farmers are encouraged to maintain the soil health to allow for the growing of patchouli and other crops without the need for felling of the forests. And by supporting the local communities, we are helping them create a sustainable and non-destructive way ahead. And long may it continue.

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