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Pick your Påck!

Can’t pick just one? Then we have you covered. Our fabulous handmade boxes allow you to pick 4 of your favourite fragrances with a 10% discount to boot!

And the box is a bit special too. Straight from our friends at Faithworks, Dorset. Designed to fit any 4 of our 10ml bottles these handmade cedar boxes come from local charity Faithworks who’s work with those recovering from homelessness and addiction in practical woodworking supports them on their journey out of crisis.


Lovingly crafted in an unassuming workshop in Dorset, the team are small but mighty, having been visited by Prince William this year where one of the trainers said : “This has turned my life around” he says, “The friendliness of the Faithworks team makes such a difference.  No one judges you in the workshop, and people like Leo and the volunteers enable you to be the best you possibly can.”

So you aren’t just giving a gift, you get to give little something back at the same time. 

Please comment with your order which 4 fragrances you'd like with your påck. 

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