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Smell good.
Vanilla | Buchu | Bergamot
Madagasgar’s threatened forests are home to some of the most intoxicating plants in the world. Including vanilla. Which smells loads better than a lemur.

But we’re not talking about ice cream or a shot of vanilla goo in a skinny latte. No, this is naked vanilla packed with luxurious orchid warmth. Blended with the best Madagascar has to offer including ylang oil, vetiver, violet, musk, jasmine and cloves.

Think of this it as an ecosystem in a bottle; a hug from mother earth. You get the picture.

Do good.
Building social, economic and ecological resilience in Madagascar.
Vanilla is a sweet answer to livelihood problems and to deforestation. Its value is almost at an all time high. So, profits, when used with integrity and not syphoned off by financial bully boys or local crooks can be used to support essential tropical forestry programmes.

Sadly, the island itself has one of the world’s highest rates of deforestation . But simply ‘stopping’ won’t help. It won’t provide an income for people or improve their longer-term prospects. But by developing and distributing this fragrance, we will work with Madagasgar’s threatened communities to build social, economic and ecological resilience.

Sweet indeed.

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