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Smell good.
Frankincense | Myrhh | Lemon
Frankincense. Bet you’re thinking dark, churchy dusty incense and smells of a dodgy pipe smoking priest’s frayed robes.

Fact is, frankincense can be fresh and fruity. Seriously.

What we do with this arcane and noble fragrance is close to a miracle. A true celebration of fun, fresh and fruit. You ‘eard. And not any creepy old clergy or a spooky gothic church in sight. Thank god.

Do good.
Helping local Somalian communities
The precious golden tears of resin from the frankincense tree has been lovingly harvested by at least 20 generations of families who control the Marda Moge. More recently though a deadly combination of drought and economic pressures have pushed trees to the edge of extinction.

By sourcing our frankincense directly from communities like the Marda Moge, we can put money directly back into developing nursery sites and to work with the tragically displaced communities to support their fragile livelihoods.

Which, to be frank, we’re rather proud of.

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