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Smell good.
Yuzu | Lime
It’s difficult to talk about tangy lime and zesty yuzu without getting all fancy-arsed Michelin star dessert. So let’s stick with it.

Think of Får as the poshest of swanky cheesecakes imaginable on a buttery biscuit base. Zingy yet sweet, fresh yet rich and deliciously wholesome as it lingers. All with zero calories. Best worn and not consumed though. Obviously.

Do good.
Supporting regenerative farmers in Portugal
Think yuzu and lime and it has Japan or Thailand written all over it. Well, think again. We actually source ours from Portugal. Yup, the ‘not-so-Får’ Alentejo region to be to be exact.

Alentejo is however, a fragile region often devastated by raging wildfires and desertification. And it’s teetering on a precipice.

But, to fight back, several regenerative farmers are now enriching the soil so it stores carbon and builds biodiversity.

These farmers proudly produce world class fruit for top restaurants. Far too posh and expensive for us, surely? Wrong again.

Our friend and supplier Aidan creates exceptional quality essential oils from recycled leftover ingredients by using a microwave distillation to relieve the pressure on the water stressed region. So, we can have our cake. And, er, eat it. Well, wear it…hell, you know what we mean.

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