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Smell good.
Tonka | Cocoa
For far too long, Tonka has been sacked off as poor man's vanilla. But no one should put this baby in the corner. In actual fact its warmth and richness make it a classic in its own right.

And once you’ve chucked in ethically sourced and sustainable Brazilian orange oil, lavender, neroli and fennel, you’re really cooking.

All oomph and sophistication. Like a rich, yummy posh pudding with none of the calories or the guilt.

Bloomin’ delicious.

Do good.
Standing shoulder to shoulder to protect the Amazon with the Kayapo
The indigenous Kayapo peoples of The Amazon have faced a life of persecution and oppression. This comes hand-in-hand with ecological devastation the impact of which has created toxic fall-out across the world.

The humble Tonka bean comes from the Diptryx odorata tree, fruit of the Amazon - the lungs of the world. It requires native forest to sustain it and native people to harvest it. So the more we use, the longer the forest remains standing.

And by standing shoulder-to-shoulder with these proud ancient people we are doing our best to protect them from the ravages of so-called progress.


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