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Smell good.

Rosewood | Mango | Marijuana (you ‘eard)

Wanna smell like an old Stradivarius or a posh French table? Didn’t think so.

Rosewood is the known go to for fine furniture and violin makers for centuries. But it has a sexy secret side: its amazing aroma. By distilling its oil we get a sweet, delicate woody scent. Lovingly mix that with the light greens of mango and neroli and, following feedback from our wonderful ådventurer members the amazing addition of dear old mary jane (that’s marijuana to you – ask yer dad). It now takes on a whole new degree of intoxicating ethereal sophistication.

Just like a beautifully played Ravel violin concerto. Well kinda.

Do good.

Give trees a chance.

Traditionally, rosewood trees are destroyed during the harvesting process. Which is not OK. At all. In fact, in the last decade, Rosewood has become increasingly rare with more and more cases of illegal harvesting and trafficking. However, we only use the leaves and branches to create our sumptuous oil so the trees are unharmed and will keep on producing their magical lifeblood as they regrow and thrive. Which is good news all round.