Careys Secret Garden

Saturday 3 September 202220:30 - 21:45Add to calendar

Careys Secret Garden

Want to find out more about creatures of the night! Come out for a seasonal night walk, and learn about nocturnal animal nightlife - looking and listening for creatures that emerge at dusk such as bats and moths.

Would you like the opportunity to hear and see first hand bats in a natural setting. This exciting night trail gives you the chance to find out more about these remarkable mammals. You'll get a chance to use a bat detector and find out more about their roosting habits, their habitat types and their conservation status.

Have you ever wondered: What kinds of animals are bats? Are they furry? Do they lay eggs? Are they flying mice? How long do they live? What do bats eat? Do they suck your blood? Are bats blind? How do they catch their prey in the dark? Do bats get tangled in your hair?

Well wonder no more! Come along and find out more from bat enthusiast Nick Tomlinson in this night trail with exclusive access to the beautiful setting of Carey’s Secret Garden and the wider estate.

What to bring:
This event is suitable for children from 8 years upwards. We will be walking on uneven- ground in the dark, so please bring a head torch or hand torch and wear suitable footwear. Wrap up ready for the Great British Summer weather. Please meet in the Carey’s Secret Garden Car Park.


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