Careys Secret Garden

Monday 16 May 202210:30 - 16:00Add to calendar

Careys Secret Garden

Charles Dowding has become the leading authority on the increasingly popular 'No-Dig' gardening movement. This is your opportunity to take part in this Masterclass as Charles takes you through his learnings that he has spent decades refining.

This course will use the backdrop of the newly established Careys Secret Garden to explain just what you need to become master of your own 'No-Dig' garden. This soil-boosting method of gardening cuts your workload because you have very few weeds and benefits the environment, whilst giving you more delicious and nutritious food than ever before!

During the day, Charles will explain 'No-Dig' so that you understand how it can work in your garden. You will be shown how to apply 'No-Dig', on both a small or a large scale. During the Masterclass, you will help Charles create a 'No-Dig' bed, and will be planting it up, a brilliant opportunity to see what to do in practice! You will also take a look at compost heaps, learning how to assess by the look, feel and smell of compost when it’s ready to use, being shown how to make lively compost, with some healthy myth-busting along the way.

The Masterclass will include lunch, and signed copies of Charles Dowding's award-winning books will be available for sale and signing.


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